"Sometime ago I said I loved you sixty ways and counted them to you...." -S. Dilworth Young

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

We're back!!

After a long haitus due to Patty's health, we are back!  
Here is some of our latest and greatest from 2012-2013

Senior Pics
Jessica P.

  Missionary pics
Jessica S.
  Family Sessions
The Crane's

The Heatons
The Vaughn's

The Frodshams

The Elison's

Fab Five I
Sadies PV 2013

The Fab Five II

Loren & Samantha

David & Kambria

Royal-Finch - brothers & the bride

Cross Country

It's been a good year!  
Thank you!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Fall Photo Shoots #4

The Graff family
aka: Graffs, Rivers, Ravstens, Nelsens, & Truscott!!

Ok - our biggest group to date!!   
Twenty-two beautiful people!   
Every single one of them was so cooperative, 
so fun and so kind.  
I never saw so many smiles!!  
The Todd Rivers family
The Chris Ravsten family
The Adam Nelsen family
The Curtis Graff family
Debbie Truscott - Beautiful Mom of this clan!!
We took the photos in one of our favorite locations and had a really great time, 
talking, running around and getting those "candid" shots.  
Cute little Peyton!
 I'm only 1/3 of the way through the editing process, 
but thought I'd go ahead and post a few.  
More to come....

Fall Photo Shoots #3

Rachel - Jr. Pics

Our daughter Rachel wanted some fun and unique "school" photos.  So, we opted out of the regular school photography and headed out on our own.

 First of all, this girl has always been very photogenic, 
 even though she gets really nervous and self conscious 
when the attention is on her.

  Once she loosened up, we had a pretty good time!  
These are SOOO much better than the school photos!

Fall Photo Shoots #2

The Finch family
Our good friends, the Finch's asked us to take their family photos. 
So, on General conference weekend, we headed out to the 
golf course for a really great photo shoot. 
 It had been a long time since they'd had pictures.  
So long, in fact, that the youngest wasn't in them!!
 We had a lot of fun, some good laughs, 

 and some golden moments with the kids. 

All in all, it was a favorite photo session for us!! 

Fall Photo Shoots #1

PV Cross Country

We've been busy - from August through November - with the PV cross country team. 

 Of course, when your daughter is running, it's great motivation to hang around and take thousands of pictures.


Bonus:  Girls took 2nd and Boys took 3rd in State!!  
Way to go PV!!